Hinako Shirai is the main character of Blue Reflection. A year before the beginning of the main story, Hinako made it to the finals of a prestigious international ballet competition, and it seemed that the door to success stood wide open for her...until she injured her foot and was forced to withdraw.

She did not fully recover. Weighed down by the sadness of being unable to dance, she became quiet and introverted. But she never forgot the ballet lessons she took every day for ten years, and clings to hope that one day she will dance again.


Appearance Edit

Hinako Face Shot

Hinako is a young woman of average height with dark brown eyes and short black hair. As a reflector her appearance is slightly altered as her hair changes to light brown and her eyes become heterochromatic in color -- her left eye being blue and her right being brown.

Personality Edit

Story Edit

Chapter 1: The First Step Edit


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